Wet rot is more common than dry rot and needs very damp wood to maintain itself. Wet rot can be under surfaces that have been painted or in walls that have been plastered, you may notice a soft, sponge like feel with dark sopts all over. Cheshire Damp offer full wet rot solutions across Wirral, Chester and Cheshire, with all wet rot treatments quality guaranteed for a 100% cure out come.

When wet rot takes hold, over a period of time untreated it will have destructine effects on wooden structures and foundations. We recommend that you call us to assess the wet rot issues as soon as possible, Cheshire Damp will assess the damage free of charge and offer you a free no obligation quote on the required treatments.

Wet Rot Solutions:
  • Assess the damaged areas
  • Identify the source of the damp
  • Remove decayed timber and replace
  • Then treat surrounding timbers.

House Construction

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