Dry Rot Treatments in Wirral and Chester

Dry rot is an issue that needs dealing with sooner rather than later. Cheshire Damp are time served dry rot treatment specialists, who guarantee all our work carried out.

Drr rot in Wirral and Merseyside is a common issue.  It only takes a small amount of moisture to make the wood start rotting, and with so much water in the region, this happens reguarly. Once the dry rot has started, it can be costly to treat, early prevention measures can save customers lots of money and also protect their properties.

Cheshire Damp have dealt with hundreds of properties that have had their wood and timbers rotting. Its not as simple as just replacing the timbers, we must identify the root cause and treat that, if not, the replacement timbers will only suffer the same fate.  Cheshire Damp have provided professional damp proofing Wirral for many years, with all our surveyors  being time served experts at identifying dry rot root causes.