Basement Tanking Wirral & Chester

Basement tanking or waterproofing makes below ground basements or cellars watertight and damp free, this frees up property owners to convert below ground spaces in to a space that is usable. Cheshire Damp have converted many basements and cellars in Wirral, Cheshire and across the Northwest over the years. Ensuring that the space is correctly waterproof is essential to make this space usable.

Earth will press up against the external walls and can contain large volumes of moisture, this moisture will eventually (Or quickly) penetrate through cracks or porous masonry or brickwork. There are many factors that contribute to the amount of moisture that may penetrate a old cellar or basement, from rain fall, local water table levels to leaking underground water pipes.

What is basement tanking?

To put it simply we create a ‘tank’, a sealed chamber that will keep your new conversion safe from surrounding moisture. Tanking a basement or cellar correctly is not easy, and we highly recommend you use a specialist company like Cheshire Damp, who have many year’s experience.

All our works are quality guaranteed with many references or examples of our work available.

Rooms or basements, waterproofing cannot be avoided. Converting a cellar can be a surprisingly affordable method of increasing spece at both domestic and commercial properties, whilst added a considerable amount to the value of your home. As long as the cellar or basement has been effectively waterproofed then the new space can become also anything you want it to.

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