Damp Coursing is the process of protecting your home or property against devasting damp issues.

In some cases damp issues in a house or property can be more complicated with different causes of damp resulting in alot damage to the propery. The most effective step forward is to get in touch with Cheshire Damp,  we have the experience and skillset required to effectively diagnose and treat the problems at hand. Cheshire Damp deliver a 100% cure rate for all clients, both domestic and commercial clients.

All our staff have  decades of experience in the identifying the causes of damp issues in your property.

There are many factors that couldcome into play when damnp is identified at your proprty from the level of the local water table, near by riverrs, and other water sources. All that could eventually mean your property will need protecting from the dangers of damp. This is where Cheshire Damp comes in its own with our damp coursing in Wirral service, with many years experience at solving damp issues, you can be rest assured with our 100% cure rate.