Wood Worm Treatments

Wood Worm Treatments By Cheshire Damp

Woodworm is a word used  describe the larvae stage of wood boring beetles .  Seasonal pests, woodworm can be found in any home where timber is present and exposed.

Timber can account for up to 70% of the materials of a property, woodworm is a very common issue with woodworm treatments readily available from Cheshire Damp.

Why is woodworm a problem?

Woodworm is often a problem within buildings is due to the woodworm larvae feeding on the cellulose within the wood leaving a network of tunnels that can cause significant damage to the timber structures within a property.  Depending on the level of woodworm infestation, it can result in the structural timbers of a property losing their structural intergrity if woodworm treatment is not carried out.

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