Condensation is one of the biggest contributors to damp in properties. The fact is, condensation is simply a result of our everyday activities in and around the home such as boiling kettles, running baths, cooking and washing and drying laundry. The moisture in the air condenses on cool surfaces when the internal temperature decreases, subsequently causing condensation.

There are several simple tricks you can employ in an effort to prevent condensation. Ensure your windows are opened every day for at least an hour to ventilate your home and check that the drip vents in your windows are open. This is very helpful as they allow for additional airflow. When cooking, ensure extractor fans are switched on as they will remove the excess moisture. Additionally, leave the extractor fan on for a short while after you have finished cooking as moisture that you cannot see will still be in the air. Again, when taking a bath or shower, try to leave the windows open and turn on any extractor fans. Also, close the bathroom door to prevent the moisture reaching other parts of the property.

Our team is vastly experienced in all aspects of damp and related problems. We will assess your situation and offer you the only best recommendations. Our aim is to provide the best possible services and a competitive pricing structure. There are several condensation solutions available which can quickly and effectively treat the problem and save you money at the same time. Please call our friendly team for any enquiries you may have about our condensation treatments.

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