What is K Rend?

krendK Rend incorporates various textured finished renders, insulating render, dry dash receivers, roughcast, base coats, brick effect render and ready mixed renders.

Cheshire Damp always deliver a 1st class finish using a 1st class product offering a high quality extensive range of silicone renders and finishes, designed to give a durable weatherproof coating and a natural finish.

Cheshire Damp always prefer to install K Rend due to the sheer quality of the K-Rend product. Cheshire Damp are industry experienced to supply and install Comrend, Silicone and Acrylic thin coat render systems.

A ‘BBA’ 30 year warranty is offered by K Rend on their products.

K Rend is the market leading manufactures that incorporate in-house innovative silicone technology and this ensures that vital quality, product safety and performance requirements are met.

The Cheshire Damp K-Rend Process


Depending on the condition of the building, area in which is to be rendered. There are several ways in which the building has to be prepared before receiving the top coat of K-rend.

If the building is painted

All loose and flaking paint is scraped or grinded back before receiving a scratch coat of polymer render with waterproofer in.

Pre-existing render or pebble dashing

Blown pebble dash or crumbling render is to be removed and the bare surface is washed down. As with painted surfaces there is a scratch coat of polymer render with waterproofer applied

Fixing corner & bellcast beads

U.P.V.C corner and bellcast beads are fixed to doors, windows and corners during or after the scratch coat is applied, thus leaving clean edges when top coat applied.

K-rend application

Once the defected render or paint work is removed and the scratch coat has been applied, the surface is ready to receive the top coat of K-rend coloured mortar system.

Sponge finish

At the correct time a sponge float is used in tight circular motions which leave a smooth uniform finish.

Scratch finish

Using a daror straight edge the top coat of K-rend is applied to the ready prepared surface at a thickness of 16mm, from this there are a choice of two finishes to the render.

After 2 to 36 hours a float known as a nail float is used in a tight circular motion leaving a rough uniform finish.

Insulating Render

Silicone TC is a ready mixed, silicone based, ready to use organic resin render which is usually hand applied. It provides a low maintenance, decorative finish is available in two different textures TC 15 & TC 30 and in a wide range of colours.

Our Rendering Services include:

K-rend takes advantage of being a silicone range which includes silicone water repellents as a part of the cement based system. The silicone technology imparts a high degree of water repellent to the render surface whilst allowing water vapour to pass through the render and let the substrate breath.


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