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Cheshire Damp Proofing deliver expert internal wall rendering services to a wide range of customers

Like external wall rendering, internal wall rendering also offers many advantages with significant energy savings being a highly motivational aspect. The great thing about internal rendering is that it is a simple task that causes little to no inconvenience or disruption. The insulation can be carried out as you decorate and as it is a relatively easy process it can be completed quickly and with high levels of efficiency.  One room can be completed at a time, ensuring your whole house is not in chaos and the absence of any external scaffolding reduces your expenses considerably. Furthermore, internal wall insulation has zero impact on the exterior of your property enabling you to go ahead with your insulation project with complete peace of mind that the visual appeal of your home will not be affected.

We provide optimal external and internal rendering services to our vast and varied customer base and we are on hand to offer you all the advice you need before your project commences. Our specialist team is both skilled and experienced and able to carry out all your insulation projects to industry best standards. We dedicate ourselves to the delivery of the finest workmanship at competitive prices for the convenience of our customers

We strive for the highest levels of customer satisfaction which is why we offer no obligation quotes at no charge. Please call us with any questions you may have about our rendering services and our friendly and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to help.

Cheshire damp proofing provide professional and premier tiling services

As with all work in both domestic and commercial properties it is crucial to use a renowned and professional outfit. We have worked hard to ensure our glowing reputation precedes us and we assure all residential and commercial customers that we execute all projects to the highest possible industry standards.

If you are looking for the finest tiling services at extremely competitive prices then look no further. Our team is highly experienced in all aspects of tiling and can carry out your tiling projects with maximum efficiency. If you are having a new bathroom or kitchen installed we know that you want nothing less than fantastic final results. The quality of materials utilised and workmanship plays a pivotal role in the standard of your finished project.

As a result of our experience, knowledge and commitment to the provision of the finest customer service you can depend on the highest standard of results and the completion of your project in a timely fashion that not only offers you convenience but simultaneously saves you money. Our comprehensive installation service covers everything from complete preparation of floors, wet room and shower cubicle walls to the diligent placement of the tiles of your choosing to deliver a sublime finish.

Please contact us to discuss your domestic and commercial tiling projects and we will be happy to assist you fully.

Cheshire Damp proofing provide professional plastering and re-plastering services

We understand how important it is to hire reliable and reputable tradesmen to carry out work in your home. We know that you are looking for an affordable, trusted and consummately professional service and we can assure our customers that we work hard at all times to supply comprehensive and dependable services at affordable costs.

We provide a premier plastering service that our customer base can rely on. Plastering offers room for many errors which is why it is imperative to ensure you retain the services of skilled, knowledgeable and experienced professionals. There are several types of plastering tasks and each one requires the use of specific materials to be sure of the best outcome. We utilise the finest materials available and each of our team has the experience to carry out exceptional plastering work and deliver the finest final results.

We take every step to respect the homes of our customers and we can successfully and efficiently complete all jobs without creating and leaving mess. Furthermore, we know that our customers are looking for the best possible services at the best possible prices which is why we maintain a strict focus on swift completion with no compromise of performance quality.

Both our plastering and re-plastering services reflect our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of excellence. We work hard from project beginning to completion and we ensure a smooth and flawless finish every time.

Cheshire Damp Proofing provide high quality condensation treatments that serve as a cheaper alternative to a damp proofing course.

Condensation is one of the biggest contributors to damp in properties. The fact is, condensation is simply a result of our everyday activities in and around the home such as boiling kettles, running baths, cooking and washing and drying laundry. The moisture in the air condenses on cool surfaces when the internal temperature decreases, subsequently causing condensation.

There are several simple tricks you can employ in an effort to prevent condensation. Ensure your windows are opened every day for at least an hour to ventilate your home and check that the drip vents in your windows are open. This is very helpful as they allow for additional airflow. When cooking, ensure extractor fans are switched on as they will remove the excess moisture. Additionally, leave the extractor fan on for a short while after you have finished cooking as moisture that you cannot see will still be in the air. Again, when taking a bath or shower, try to leave the windows open and turn on any extractor fans. Also, close the bathroom door to prevent the moisture reaching other parts of the property.

Our team is vastly experienced in all aspects of damp and related problems. We will assess your situation and offer you the only best recommendations. Our aim is to provide the best possible services and a competitive pricing structure. There are several condensation solutions available which can quickly and effectively treat the problem and save you money at the same time. Please call our friendly team for any enquiries you may have about our condensation treatments.

Recent damp project


Call Us Today: 0151 676 2898, Email:

The team are always finding themselves in different enviroments when dealing with damp proofing projects. This was a farmhouse in the countryside that needed a full damp proofing and coursing service. Once completed with also serviced this wall with our full rendering service.

As you can see we had plenty of work to do when first starting. For a full free damp proofing consultation please get in touch with the team. All advice is free with no obligation to employ us to carry out your damp proofing project.




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We cannot praise Cheshire Damp enough, they were 10% cheaper than other quotes aswell

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I have used Cheshire Damp on six of my properties, they are always fast, very professional and competitive

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Turned up early 30 minutes early, finshed well in time, Cheshire Damp have my vote and i am a difficult customer to please!

James, Chester, B&B Owner

After being confused by 3 very different quotes Cheshire Damp explained how professional damp proofing works.

Lee & Francis, Wirral

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